Hope and Heal Fund Statement on Racial Equity

Hope and Heal Fund is committed to pursuing and operating through a racially equitable framework. We operate, support, advance, and focus efforts with an understanding and acknowledgment of historical and ongoing racial inequities, with a commitment to actions that challenge, change, and prevent those inequities. Racial equity is a core value of our organization’s vision, outlook, and philosophy, embedded in our structure, policies, and process.

Our commitment to racial equity within the gun violence prevention movement means we are working strategically and collaboratively to:

  • Ensure our organization operates and includes a racial equity lens in our strategic planning, policy development, fund disbursement, and priority setting process
  • Advance pathways to increase participation and leadership from community-based and community-led organizations which represent those most closely affected by gun violence and trauma, giving space to amplify their voices, needs, and stories 
  • Actively challenge policies and other conditions that perpetuate systems of oppression and inequities within the gun violence movement
  • Ensure the just and equitable disbursement, availability, and access to resources