In the past four years, Stockton has had an average of 153 injury shootings and homicides which resulted in an annual expense to taxpayers of more than $250MM. According to NICJR’s latest report, if Stockton could reduce its gun violence rate by just 20%, that could result in a government savings of $50MM every year. READ >>

Mary Kopp

Program Manager

Mary Kopp, serves as the Fund’s Program Manager, bringing over three decades of program management experience at non-profits and new media companies. Mary provides day-to-day project support to the Fund. Mary has served as an independent consultant to a variety of local, state, and national nonprofit organizations, providing financial management, event planning, grant writing, technical assistance, and program management services.

Prior to consulting, Mary worked as a Senior Producer with the Walt Disney Company’s online division and before moving to Los Angeles, she worked in Washington, D.C. as a project manager for an international trade association and as a producer for Philips Media Educational Software. She graduated from the University of Vermont with degrees in Communications and Political Science.